"Wonderful To Work With and Delivers Results"

“Sue at Wicked Good Ideas is wonderful to work with. She takes the time to research and provide a few different approaches to make a program, a brand or marketing pieces dynamic and deliver results. I am most impressed by her ability to “listen” to a client and translate their needs into effective creative strategies and marketing materials. If you are looking for a smart, savvy and creative individual who loves a challenge then hire Sue."

Kim Garden, Marketing Director, Mission Linen Supply


"Helps Us Consistently Meet or Exceed Our Performance Goals"

Sue has become an instrumental part of our extended team. Her years of experience and genuine desire to understand the client’s goals and objectives allows her to serve as a senior creative influence on all projects. She always provides strong concepts and strategies, and consistently delivers clever, well-written copy and our team really enjoys working with her. Most importantly, her contributions help us consistently meet (or exceed) performance goals and maintain long-lasting client partnerships.

Deanna Dolecki, Executive Vice President, Direct Associates


"Gets It. Owns It. Makes It Amazing."

“From compelling content creation to smart and efficient UI copy, there is no one better than Sue at Wicked Good Ideas. I can quickly brief her and she’s off and running. She will get it, own it, make it amazing and deliver it on time. I highly recommend calling her first whenever you need a creative strategy that will hit your audience in the face, in a good way, of course.”

Tracy Ahern, VP Creative and User Experience, Tenthwave Digital


"Jumps In and Elevates Any Project"

Sue at Wicked Good Ideas is an intelligent writer and marketer who elevates any project by jumping in and immediately improving it. She’s a quick study who “gets it” and can offer a variety of approaches if needed, or that one perfect solution that finishes the job. Her work is both clever and strategic – I’d hire her with equal confidence to support a snappy marketing campaign or a corporate brochure.

Heidi Brown, Director of Communications, School of Arts and Sciences - Tufts University


"Transformed Our Marketing"

“Wicked Good Ideas has transformed our nonprofit's approach to marketing from dull to sparkling. Sue has guided us in creating a brand message that is genuine and real and has brought us clever creative that makes you stop, think and consider taking one of our art classes. Working with Sue is like being in a graduate level course in marketing that is fun.”

Pat Dolan, Director of Senior Art Program & Marketing, The Drawing Studio