Marketing management

Building a Marketing Team? Five Key Things to Instill in Your Staff.

I’ve hired and mentored several marketing teams for various size companies over the years, which is information I often share with my clients in one of our first meetings when we are discussing WGI’s capabilities. To my surprise, several of those clients have come back to me later on to request advice on a particular marketing management situation or to learn more about the steps in building an effective marketing department.

As with any “building” project, I recommend they start by laying a solid foundation. What are the key values and ideals you can instill in your staff that will make them strong enough to meet every goal, overcome every challenge and face every situation they encounter with confidence and aplomb? Here are five key things that one of my former marketing managers recently told me she learned from me that made all the difference…

1. What It Means to be on a "Team.”

You’re not alone. Good or bad, we’re all in this together. That’s why teammates need to help each other, support each other and always be willing to fill in the gaps for each other. At some point, everyone on the team will need someone else to help them pick up the slack. That’s how it works.

2. A Good Boss Always has Your Back

A good boss always tries to understand your particular situation and see things from your perspective before advising you on next steps. They never make you feel "judged" or isolated. They don’t jump to conclusions. They constantly go to bat for your ideas, because they believe in you and want you to succeed.

3. Keep Your Perspective.

No one is perfect. We are still learning and growing at every stage of our career and getting feedback on your work is essential to helping you evolve as an individual and professional. Constructive criticism should never be taken personally; on the contrary every project should be looked at as a collaborative effort. Two brains are always better than one and creative work is always stronger when people put their heads together.

4. Creativity is King.

Always, always be creative. No idea is a bad idea. Think outside the box. Then draw another box around that and think outside of that one too.

5. Be Confident.

Use your voice. Stand up for what you believe in. Don't be intimidated by others, or the opinions of others. Don't let a strong personality strike you down or hold you back. Don't hide an idea from a room full of people who may see things differently than you. If you have an idea, you should voice it, and if someone doesn't like it...well, what's the worst that’s going to happen? At least you had an idea!